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Experience: Demotorization of 15 Belgian families

D-Carbonize is proud to partner with the Brussels-based not-for-profits GreenImpact to explore options to demotorize Belgian households.

The GreenImpact project consists of a 1-month mobility experience during which families living in Brussels and its surrounding will hand over their car keys in exchange of a mobility budget and an electric bike.

This initiative is supported by the Federal Public Service of Mobility and Transport Minister Georges Gilkinet and global automotive supplier Aisin.

Georges Gilkinet, Federal Mobility Minister: « There is a number of families choosing private cars because they ignore the panel of alternatives available around them. Choosing one’s car is often synonym of congestion and daily issues. By inviting 15 families to relieve the challenge to step away from their personal car for a month, we ambition to demonstrate it is possible to enjoy another mobility, more efficient, sustainable, and economic. Train, underground, tram, bus, bike, scooter, shared car,… there’s a plethora of options available, each complementary to each other. So, why don’t you try it too?”

Frédéric Burguet, Strategic Innovation Senior Manager at Aisin Europe comments: “As a global player in mobility, we know the challenges must be tackled at a local scale to ensure an optimal fit with users’ needs,” said M. Burguet. He added “Thanks to this experience, we will get an inside view in households’ daily life which will bring valuable insights to keep driving this sector at a global scale while ensuring local benefits.”

Leveraging the conclusions of the experience that will take place in October 2022, public authorities and mobility players would get a clearer vision about how to pilot their strategies to optimize the fit with the reality of families.

If you are ready to take the challenge to leave your car at home for a month, then feel free to apply on and you may be among the 15 lucky families to experience a revolutionary moment.

==> Registration here:

We are grateful to the partners supporting this project:

NRJ – LN24 – Bruxelles Mobilité – Espaces Mobilités