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The Carbon Cockpit is labeled Solar Impulse Efficient Solution!

We are elected by the Solar Impulse Foundation as one of the 1 000 solutions meeting both positive environmental impacts and economic profitability.

Last month, the Carbon Cockpit received the prestigious label “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution”, from the Solar Impulse Foundation.

As mentioned by the Foundation, this label “is based on a rigorous assessment performed by external, independent Experts. The development of stringent selection criteria has resulted in the Solar Impulse Label being internationally recognized and endorsed by several institutions, states, and cities around the world.”

About Solar Impulse Foundation

The Solar Impulse Foundation was initiated by Bertrand Piccard, a pioneer and visioner who flew the Solar Impulse, the world first solar aircraft (40.000 km without a drop of fuel!).

Bertrand Piccard is the advocate that solving climate challenges is possible with solutions that are both good for the environment and economically attractive.

Betrand Piccard – Charmain of the Solar Impulse Foundation

The Solar Impulse foundation proposes the solutions to decision-makers (governments, businesses, …) to give them options to implement actions towards a sustainable society.

At D-Carbonize we share the values of Mr Piccard and the Solar Impulse Foundation. Indeed, we also believe that a carbon reduction strategy is an opportunity to generate environmental, social and economic values. We aim to help organizations measure and reduce their CO2 emissions considering the economical context they are facing.

Being recognized by the Solar Impulse Foundation as an Efficient Solution is a major achievement and demonstrates that our effort to develop a precise and trustworthy CO2 management tool is paying off.

We have the ambition in 2023 to build a close collaboration to leverage the fantastic opportunities the Foundation can generate thanks to its reputation and network.

For information, visit our Solar Impulse company profile!

About D-Carbonize

D-Carbonize develops the Carbon Cockpit, a Climate Saas technology allowing organizations to independently:

🔍Measure their carbon footprint

📉Reduce their emissions

🚦Monitor and plan their targets and achievements

📝Report their performance

At D-Carbonize we believe that an efficient carbon reduction strategy must be embodied within an organization, which is why the Carbon Cockpit provides organizations with the necessary knowledge and tools to act.

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