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About Us

We are a cleantech start-up, proud of its multi-cultural team united around sustainable values.

Sustainability Tech
co2 footprint

Our Mission

Empower organizations to reduce their carbon footprint

Our Values

Enable resource sobriety and business efficiency

We firmly believe that reducing carbon emissions is synonym to strengthening profitability. We maximize the viability of your activities by leveraging business optimization and environmental efficiencies.

Sustainability & economy go hand in hand, they don’t compete with each other, they empower each other. 

We equip organisations with latest technologies to understand and manage carbon emissions. 

We deliver high levels of information disclosure, clarity, and accuracy

We believe organisations should keep the full control and autonomy on their CO2 emissions management. We help them to internalize this essential competency.

Our Team

A team made of passion, experience and excellence

Grégoire Talbot - Co-Founder & CEO


Co-Founder & CEO

Frédéric John Co-Founder & COO


Co-Founder & COO

Antoine Janssens - Head of IT


Head of IT

Maela Lagrifoul - Carbon Cockpit Consultant


Carbon Cockpit Consultant

Team D-carbonize
CO2 Advisors

CO2 Advisors

Data Scientists​

Data Scientists