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Carbon Cockpit Scan

Carbon Cockpit Scan

Discover our tool

The Carbon Cockpit Scan is designed to make carbon accounting accessible for all. Take your first step into decarbonization with our simple, fast yet precise tool. Highlight your most emissive dimensions, set up your action plan with suggested solutions adapted to your carbon footprint.

Start your d-carbonization journey!

They commit to climate protection


Multi-entities, multi-years & multi-users

Seamlessly measure your carbon footprint by answering a simple questionnaire designed to capture the most important emissions:


Comparison across entities and over years

Analyze and understand your carbon emissions :


Carbon roadmap & targets

Create a simple decarbonizatioin roadmap based on suggested solutions:


Automated reporting

Download a highly visual and factual report gathering the data you encoded.

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Try the Carbon Cockpit Scan for free and start your decarbonization journey right away!

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