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About Us

D-Carbonize is a forward-thinking climate-tech startup, bringing together a diverse teamdriven by common sustainable values.

Innovating Carbon Accounting Solutions

Driven by the climate change emergency, we develop the best carbon accounting software to support companies to measure and reduce their carbon footprint in perfect independence.

At D-Carbonize, we're not just a climate-tech startup; we're at the forefront of digital innovation for environmental sustainability.
Our team, made of carbon expert consultants, is dedicated to creating groundbreaking software solutions for decarbonization.

Our flagship product, a state-of-the-art carbon management platform empowers companies to independently measure and reduce their carbon footprint, turning the climate challenge into an opportunity for positive change. Crafted by leading carbon consultants, it transforms the complex challenge of decarbonization into manageable, actionable strategies.

With D-Carbonize, businesses can confidently navigate their sustainability journey, supported by the best in carbon expertise and digital innovation.

Our Mission

Empowering sustainability through autonomous carbon management

Our mission

We empower organizations to control their environmental impact with our advanced carbon accounting software, enabling independent measurement and emission reduction.

Our commitment

Lies in providing a solution that not only delivers accurate and comprehensive carbon footprint data but also fosters self-reliance in implementing effective reduction strategies.

We believe

That by enabling businesses to independently navigate their sustainability journey, we are contributing to a global shift towards more responsible and environmentally conscious operations.

At D-Carbonize

We're not just offering a tool; we're facilitating a movement towards autonomy in sustainable practices.

Our Objective

We have the ambition to reduce our customers' carbon emissions via our Carbon Software.



Our customer’s carbon emissions

Our Values

A team led by common values






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