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What is the best carbon footprint calculator?


The article compares leading carbon footprint calculators including Sphera, Diligent, D-Carbonize, Sami, Greenly, Plan A, Persefoni, iPoint, Tapio, Sweep, and Carbon Alt Delete, highlighting their key features and pricing. It stresses the importance of selecting suitable software to manage environmental impact effectively and promote sustainability. This articles also elucidates the benefits like emission source identification, regulatory compliance, cost reduction, brand enhancement, strategic planning, innovation, and risk management.
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Exploring the benefits of carbon footprint calculator

In the current context, companies and organizations must measure and reduce their environmental impact. Carbon footprint calculation software thus becomes an essential tool. While it is possible to carry out a carbon footprint calculation of a company for free, there is also specific software that offers a detailed view of greenhouse gas emissions and facilitates regulatory compliance. Find out in this article, what are the benefits of carbon footprint software and what are the best carbon footprint calculators for companies.

Why using carbon footprint calculator?

The climate emergency requires companies to review their practices and integrate sustainability into their development model. Thus, the use of carbon footprint calculation software is part of this approach, offering many advantages :

Identifying the main sources of emissions:

These tools help identify where and how greenhouse gas emissions are generated within the company. This understanding is crucial in order to target reduction efforts.

Regulatory compliance :

More and more regulations require companies to report on their environmental impact. Carbon footprint calculation software facilitates compliance with these requirements by providing accurate and traceable data.

Cost reduction and operational efficiency:

By identifying areas of high energy consumption, these free or paid carbon footprint calculation software programs can optimize processes and achieve significant savings

Improved brand image:

Customers, investors and partners are increasingly aware of climate issues. Showing a reduced carbon footprint and a commitment to sustainability can therefore boost the company's reputation.

Strategic planning:

Software provides numerical data to plan long-term carbon footprint reduction strategies aligned with business goals.


By analyzing the carbon footprint, companies can identify opportunities for innovation in their products or services.

Risk Management & Resilience:

Understanding environmental impacts helps anticipate and manage climate change risks, increasing business resilience.

"Empower your company with precision and purpose through a reliable carbon footprint calculator."

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What are the best tools to calculate the carbon footprint?


Sphera is a carbon footprint software dedicated to managing ESG sustainability and responsibility, helping companies improve their environmental performance.

Carbon Footprint Analysis:

Detailed calculation of the company's carbon footprint.

ESG Risk Management:

Identification and management of environmental, social and governance risks.

Reporting & Compliance:

Creation of ESG-compliant reports.

Sustainability Strategies:

Development and monitoring of sustainability goals.

Stakeholder Engagement:

Improving communication on sustainability issues.

To find out Sphera's pricing, businesses should contact Sphera directly, as prices may vary depending on the specific needs of each organization and the range of services required.


Diligent is a carbon footprint calculator that helps companies track and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, enabling a transition to greater sustainability.

GHG Emissions Tracking:

Clear overview of the company's carbon footprint. Analytics & Reporting: Advanced capabilities for reporting that meets international standards.

Analytics & Reporting:

Advanced capabilities for reporting that meets international standards.

Management of Reduction Targets:

Helps define and manage GHG reduction targets.

Data Integration:

Comprehensive sustainability management through ESG data integration.

Customizable dashboards:

Create custom visualizations for carbon footprint analysis.

Diligent does not publicly post its pricing on its website. Interested companies should contact Diligent directly.


D-Carbonize is a software that allows organizations to easily calculate their carbon footprint and effectively reduce their emissions.

Collection and tracking:

Collection and tracking of GHG emissions from the entire value chain.


This software allows you to measure emissions according to the different sites of the company.

Advanced analytics and reporting tools:

Advanced analytics and reporting tools with comprehensive management reports.

Audit & Scope:

This software helps you identify your different scopes according to international standards.

Data extraction:

Easily create detailed reports based on a specific product or service.


Easy to use and customizable dashboard according to the needs of the organization.

It is possible to get a free demo and a personalized quote by contacting D-Carbonize directly.


Sami is a carbon footprint measurement software designed for businesses, providing a simplified and accessible process for assessing and reducing their environmental impact.

Automated Data Collection:

Automation to facilitate the capture of GHG emissions information.

Customizable dashboards:

Optimized visualization and analysis of carbon footprint data.

Detailed analysis:

Accurate understanding of emission sources and identification of means of reduction.

Compliance with international standards:

Ensures compliance of carbon footprint reports.

Personalized advice to reduce the carbon footprint

Personalized advice to reduce the carbon footprint.

Sami offers different pricing packages to suit the needs of businesses of all sizes. To get a custom quote, please contact Sami directly.


Greenly is a carbon footprint calculation software for businesses, combining simplicity and efficiency to measure and reduce carbon impact.

Automated Emissions Tracking:

Automating the collection and tracking of GHG emissions.

Custom Analytics & Reporting:

Provides detailed analytics and reports to understand and reduce carbon impact.

Interactive dashboard:

Real-time visualization of emissions via an intuitive dashboard.

Tips for reducing emissions:

Practical recommendations to reduce the carbon footprint.

Easy Integration:

Compatible with various enterprise systems for seamless management of environmental data.

Greenly offers several pricing packages tailored to the specific needs of businesses. To obtain a suitable proposal, it is necessary to contact Greenly.

Plan A

Plan A is a comprehensive carbon emissions management software, making it easier for all companies to measure, reduce and communicate their carbon footprint.

Automated emissions calculation:

Accurate assessment of the carbon footprint from the company's data.

Detailed analysis and reporting:

Clear understanding and communication of environmental impact.

Emissions Reduction Planning:

Concrete strategies to reduce GHG emissions.

Diverse Data Integration:

Easy consolidation of environmental information.

Stakeholder Engagement:

Features for mobilizing around sustainability initiatives.

Plan A offers various packages, tailored to the needs and size of each business. To get a personalized quote, please contact Plan A.


Persefoni is a carbon accounting software designed for the precise management of companies' emissions, according to current standards.

Automated Emissions Calculation:

Accurate GHG assessment, in line with international standards.

Compliant reporting and analysis:

Generation of emissions reports in accordance with international standards.

Integrated Data Management:

Centralized platform for the management and analysis of environmental data.

Planning & Engagement Tools:

Assistance in planning reduction actions and stakeholder engagement.

Progress Tracking & Compliance:

Continuous monitoring towards regulatory compliance reduction and assurance goals.

Persefoni offers different pricing options that can be customized to suit the specific needs of each business. It is possible to obtain a personalized quote by contacting Persefoni directly.


iPoint is a carbon footprint management software designed to help companies assess, manage and reduce their CO2 emissions. It provides a comprehensive approach for calculating the carbon footprint.

Carbon footprint calculation:

iPoint enables an accurate assessment of GHG emissions across the company's entire value chain.

Emissions Management and Reduction:

The software provides tools to plan and implement emission reduction strategies.

Compliant reporting

iPoint makes it easy to create reports that comply with international sustainability standards.

Progress Analysis and Tracking:

Advanced tools to track the effectiveness of emission reduction initiatives.

To get a personalized Ipoint quote, it is necessary to contact customer service directly.


Tapio is an innovative software for calculating and managing the carbon footprint, suitable for all companies.

Simplified Carbon Footprint Calculation:

Easy-to-use method for analyzing GHG emissions.

Emissions Tracking & Analysis:

Detailed real-time analysis to identify key emission drivers.

Enterprise Data Integration:

Easily integrates with existing systems for efficient data collection.

Standards-compliant reporting:

Creation of reports in accordance with international standards.

Tips for Reducing Emissions:

Strategies and tips to reduce GHG emissions.

To get a personalized quote, it is necessary to contact Tapio directly.


Sweep is an innovative platform for managing companies' carbon footprint, offering advanced tools for tracking, reducing and managing GHG emissions.

Emissions Tracking:

Real-time overview of emissions for accurate tracking and analysis.


Facilitates emissions management between companies and partners.

Data Integration:

Merges data from various sources, including vendors.

Reduction Strategy:

Tools for planning and executing emission reduction strategies.

Transparent reporting:

Creation of reports that comply with international standards.

Sweep offers pricing tailored to the specific needs of each business. To obtain a personalized proposal, please contact Sweep.

Carbon Alt Delete

Carbon Alt Delete offers a solution for managing companies' carbon footprints, simplifying the calculation, reduction and offsetting of GHG emissions.

Carbon Footprint Calculation:

Accurate, science-based method for calculating carbon footprint.

Emissions reduction:

Personalized recommendations for emission reduction, based on carbon footprint analysis.

Reporting & Compliance:

Assist in the creation of reports that comply with international standards for transparency and regulation.

User Interface:

Intuitive interface for easy carbon footprint management.

Carbon Alt Delete offers different packages. Companies can request a custom quote.

Choosing the best carbon footprint calculator software is crucial for companies concerned about their environmental impact. The carbon footprint software presented in this comparison offers a variety of features adapted to different needs and budgets. By integrating these tools into their environmental management, companies can not only comply with regulations but also take effective action for a sustainable and responsible future.


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