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Carbon footprint calculator: which one to choose?


Against a backdrop of increasingly stringent environmental regulations, choose of carbon footprint software for a company is of crucial importance.
This choice must take into account criteria such as ease of use, collaboration, data security and results compliance, depending on the company's specific needs and organizational characteristics.
Essential features include secure data storage, collaborative data collection, results compliance and Scope 3 support. The software selected must provide reliable and valid results, in line with recognized carbon accounting standards.
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New standards and legislation are forcing companies to equip themselves with high-performance tools to enable them to assess a carbon footprint.

The market offers a wide range of carbon footprint calculation solutions. To choose the best, it is important to be able to compare them to see whether the functions they offer are suited to the specific needs of the company.

An efficient calculator should simplify the task of collecting information while guaranteeing the accuracy of the data. It must also be able to detect inconsistencies and alert carbon experts to any anomalies.

Choosing the right carbon footprint calculator is an important decision for a company, as it will have an impact on the way it measures and reduces its CO²e emissions.

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Choosing the right carbon footprint calculator for your business

To choose the right carbon footprint calculator for your business, you need to be clear about your needs. Several criteria need to be taken into account:

Does the solution provide all the elements needed to assess an accurate measurement of carbon emissions?

Does the software provide all the elements needed for accurate measurement of carbon emissions?

Is the interface easy to use and learn?

Does it allow collaborative data collection?

Is it efficient in terms of data entry?

What type of support does the solution offer?

Is the platform secure?

Does it deliver compliant results?

With this data, it is possible to identify the calculator that offers the most appropriate functionality for the company.

Define the company’s organisational perimeter

To choose the right carbon calculator, it’s important to take into account the company’s organisational structure. The scope of work, the size of the structure and the complexity of operations all have an impact on data collection.

If it operates on a multi-site basis, the company needs a calculator that can be deployed across several entities and that offers a global and homogenous view of the carbon impact. The solution needs to improve communication between the company’s different teams and sites at national and/or international levels.

It is also important to consider the type of data to be collected (emissions linked to transport, energy consumption, waste, water use, etc.) and the frequency with which this data needs to be collected. This will determine the fitness of the solution chosen in terms of its ability to collect data in real-time or retrospectively.

Essential functions

When choosing a carbon footprint calculator, the company should list the essential functions.

These must include:

secure data storage,

a collaborative approach to data collection,

conformity of results,

detailed monitoring of changes in carbon emissions,

taking into account Scope 3.

Some calculators has limited and non-upgradeable functionalities, so they are not suitable for companies’ requirements. The adequate solution should enable them to assess a complete carbon footprint and be able to prove that they are complying with environmental requirements.

Compliant results

Once collected, the data relating to the company’s activities must be translated into tonnes of CO² equivalent. The selected calculator must offer transparency on the methodologies used to assess these calculations.

The results obtained using a carbon footprint calculator must be reliable and valid so that companies can prove their commitment to sustainability. It is therefore important to choose a solution that provides accurate data that meets the requirements of carbon accounting standards (GHG Protocol, ADEME and ISO 14064).

A carbon footprint calculator must calculate the overall quantity of carbon emissions based on a recognised calculation method.

Choosing the right carbon footprint calculator is essential for companies, as it determines how they assess and reduce their CO2 emissions.

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D-Carbonize, a comprehensive support

D-Carbonize is the winning solution when it comes to the carbon footprint calculator. The company offers a comprehensive set of features to help companies accurately calculate their CO² emissions, as well as access to a host of tools and resources.

The intuitive interface makes it easy to enter and analyse data, while powerful reports help companies comply with environmental regulations.

Carbon experts to support businesses

D-Carbonize offers companies a consulting service to help them assess their carbon footprint.

Carbon experts can advise companies on a sustainable environmental strategy. This makes it possible to optimise costs, stand out from the crowd, win tenders and take advantage of new environmental legislation.

Explore the concept of a carbon footprint in-depth, or read our comprehensive overview on carbon footprint calculators.

Reduce your company’s carbon footprint by booking a demo with our experts at D-Carbonize.

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