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Icoms Detections

How carbon footprints fuel emissions reduction & drive competitive edges


Icoms Detections stands at the forefront of intelligent traffic management systems. With a wish to excel, they are committed to delivering cutting-edge technologies. Icoms is a subsidiary of International Road Dynamics (IRD) and is located in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.

The company counts about 15 employees and operates at a global scale, providing innovative products to clients worldwide.

The complete and transparent approach of D-Carbonize fast-tracked our journey towards understanding upcoming challenges.

Etienne Van den Bogaert

Managing Director

About Icoms Detections

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Icoms Detections requested the expertise of D-Carbonize and used our software designed to calculate carbon footprints accurately.

Emissions measurement

To obtain its carbon footprint, Icoms Detections engaged in a collaborative approach to collect the required data, involving multiple stakeholders.

Emissions reduction

Based on the carbon footprint assessment conducted, carbon reduction opportunities were identified and quantified.

Product carbon footprint

The carbon footprint of one of Icoms Detections’ flagship products was assessed and compared to competitors’ product.


Assess the carbon footprint of the company and its products, with a particular focus on the most popular product.


Conduct a gap analysis with two competing products.


Align with its commitment to sustainability.


Enable the client to present relevant carbon information at the group level to identify potential actions and demonstrate the environmental benefits of their products compared to the competition.



Product footprint result of Icom’s product and comparison with competitors (kgCO₂e)


Provided Icoms with a competitive advantage by demonstrating that one of their product has a lower footprint by 30% and 70% than two of their competitors’ product.

Focused efforts on energy consumption of its products and facilitate Icoms engineers to identify reduction actions.

Gained a deeper understanding of the environmental footprint of its offerings.

We have asked D-Carbonize to compute our carbon footprint and help us identify ways to decrease it. We are very satisfied with the analysis of D-Carbonize and their continuous support along the project. It allowed us to build environmental awareness among the team, collect data efficiently, share the knowledge accumulated along the way, and present the results to the entire team.

We strongly appreciate D-Carbonize’s will to empower us in the carbon assessment process to internaize as much as possible this new competence.

Etienne Van den Bogaert
Managing Director

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