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Carbon Footprint Management Webinars Replays

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October 26th
Implications of EU environmental laws for US firms
Examine the implications of CBAM for UE importers. Uncover the scopes and mandatory claims of CBAM, as well as the crucial importance of adopting a sustainable supply policy. Run a clear carbon footprint evaluation of various items to effectively meet the CBAM requirements and contribute to a low-carbon economy.
October 26th
How to measure a CO2 footprint for the first time
This webinar provides a brief overview of the current challenges posed by climate change, a thorough examination of carbon footprints, and an engaging presentation featuring two insightful case studies.
November 6th
How to manage CSRD reporting obligations
Explore the latest CSRD regulation and understand its scope of application. Identify whether your organization falls under the purview of this new directive and learn the steps needed for full compliance. Gain essential insights on the optimal starting point and the procedural requirements for meeting CSRD standards. Stay well-informed to proactively anticipate and navigate through the intricacies of this upcoming regulation.
November 23rd
How to implement a good carbon reduction strategy
Uncover how to align your company with the Paris Agreements or the SBTI (Science Based Targets Initiatives). Go through all crucial steps leading to the concrete definition of your carbon reduction objectives and learn how to implement a robust carbon reduction strategy.
December 5th
How to become a good ESG Manager?
Delve into the essence of ESG (Environmental, Social & Governmental) and its signification within the enterprise. Go through the key responsibilities of an ESG highlighting sustainability management and stakeholders ‘involvement. Uncover the best practices for effective communication with internal and external stakeholders promoting transparency and building a robust reputation in sustainability matters.
Start your decarbonized future in good hands
Start your decarbonized future in good hands

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