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Carbon Cockpit
Carbon Cockpit

The Carbon Cockpit is the best Carbon Management Platform to measure CO2 footprint and operate a carbon strategy.

The Carbon Cockpit features

Take full ownership of your carbon-related data.

Advanced reporting & analytics

Access to analytical graphs and infographics to have a complete understanding of your carbon footprint.

Consolidate & extract

Merge multiple Co2, footprint into custom groups and extract specific data related to a particular product/service.

Audit & full Scopes

Measure and report on 3 scopes (scope 1, 2 & 3). Our calculation algorithm uses the international standards Bilan Carbon® and Greenhouse Gas Protocol to ensure accurate and detailed reports.

Multi-entities, multi-users and multi-year

Manage, consolidate and report on multiple entities (BU, countries, factories,...) on as many years as necessary.

Involve colleagues for data collection and share CO2 insights across the organization.

Benchmark, equivalent & comparison

Compare your result with your peers with our benchmark, including 12 different industries.

Use our carbon calculator to quickly measure the Co2 impact of a product.

Professional input form

Get access to the 5 000+ emission factors from ADEME & GHG Protocol, and work as much in detail as recommended by the standard. Use custom emissions factors to elevate the accuracy level of your reports.

Carbon Cockpit - carbon management platform


Measure your carbon assessment

∙Collect data manually

∙Collect data automatically (API)

∙Attach evidence

∙Calculate CO2 with 6,000+ emission factors

∙Analyze carbon emissions by scope, by dimensions as well as with drill-down and equivalents



Monitor your carbon strategy

∙Manage CO2e objectives

∙Define actions

∙Assess impacts

∙Prioritize action

∙Create carbon roadmap



Change behaviors

∙Measure and monitor the impact of each actions

∙Identify opportunities for behavior improvement



Sequestrate your residual CO2 emissions

∙Invest in offset projects

∙Integrate your current compensation project



Share insight with everyone

∙Create automatic report

∙Create standard official reports

∙Create one-pager

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