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D-Carbonize complies with the Bilan Carbone® Methodology!


D-Carbonize successfully obtained the attestation of compliance to Bilan Carbone®. Not only our software was audited but also our processes and deliverables, underlining its commitment to high-quality carbon accounting solutions. The Bilan Carbone Methodology, developed by ADEME, assesses the carbon footprint in six key stages, from awareness to continuous improvement. This compliance guarantees a reliable and accurate methodology for measuring and reducing the ecological footprint, reinforcing D-Carbonize's commitment to excellence and sustainability.
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Since February, D-Carbonize has taken a major step forward with the compliance of its carbon footprint calculation software with the Bilan Carbone® methodology. Our CEO and co-founder Grégoire Talbot highlights that "this recognition by the Association for the Low Carbon Transition underlines our commitment to high-quality carbon accounting solutions."

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The Bilan Carbone® Method by Ademe: definition

The Carbon Footprint method, developed by ADEME, is a rigorous approach to assessing an organization's carbon footprint. It aims to quantify greenhouse gas emissions from physical processes that are essential to an activity or organization. This includes both direct and indirect emissions.

The 6 key steps of the Bilan Carbone® Method.


Awareness of energy and climate issues internally and externally, promoting a better understanding of environmental challenges.


Mobilization of internal staff for data collection, ensuring active involvement in carbon footprint management.

Emissions calculation

Calculation of emissions to define important items and assess the organization's climate vulnerability.

Action plans

Development of customized action plans based on emission profiles, projects or products, promoting an approach adapted to each context.

Reduction targets

Setting reduction targets and creating emission reduction trajectories aligned with the Paris Agreement and sectoral scenarios, in order to effectively contribute to the fight against climate change.

Improvement approach

Implementation of an improvement approach to improve the collection and monitoring of emissions and the action plan to ensure continued progress towards more ambitious sustainability goals.

Importance of Bilan Carbone® Method compliance.

Our COO, Frédéric John, who is also a co-founder, is delighted that "this compliance attests that our carbon footprint calculation software meets the strictest quality criteria in terms of carbon accounting." This ensures that our customers have a reliable and accurate methodology to measure and reduce their ecological footprint.

We are proud of the work we have done to achieve this compliance. This demonstrates our commitment to excellence and our drive to provide our customers with the best solutions to achieve their sustainability goals.

To learn more about our carbon footprint calculation software and its importance to your carbon strategy, contact us!

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