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What certifications are available for carbon footprint calculators?


Choosing certified carbon footprint calculators is crucial for companies wishing to quantify and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Certifications such as ADEME's Bilan Carbone, GHG Protocol, ISO 14064 and PAS 2050 guarantee compliance with international carbon accounting standards.
Certified software offers greater reliability, accuracy and credibility in emissions calculations, reinforcing a company's environmental commitment and competitive edge.
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In the current context of ecological transition, more and more companies are carrying out a carbon footprint to quantify and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

The carbon footprint can be performed using an online calculator. The choice of the solution used to execute the assessment is crucial, and appropriate certification can make all the difference. Companies should therefore invest in a carbon assessment calculator that is tailored to their needs and meets certain certifications, such as Bilan Carbone ADEME, GHG Protocol or ISO 14064.

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Why are certifications essential for carbon footprint calculators?

A carbon footprint calculator is an essential tool that enables companies to quantify, monitor and reduce their CO² emissions. However, there are dozens of calculators of this type, and not all of them meet the same needs. Choosing the right tool can have a significant impact on the accuracy of the results and a company’s ability to achieve its sustainability objectives.

Official certification provides independent assurance that the solution has been tested and found to comply with specific standards or criteria. This provides users with the certainty and proof that their calculator provider is complying with the protocols to which it is subject.

In addition, using certified calculators help to strengthen a company’s reputation for sustainability. Stakeholders such as customers, investors and employees are increasingly aware of the efforts companies are making to reduce their environmental impact. Certified carbon footprint calculators help to demonstrate a company’s commitment in this direction.

What are the different types of certifications for carbon footprint calculators?

ADEME Bilan Carbone certification

ADEME, the French Environment and Energy Management Agency, has developed a carbon footprint method that is widely used in France. This method takes into account all types of greenhouse gas emissions and provides a global approach to carbon accounting. ADEME Bilan Carbone-compliance solutions guarantee that the calculator is capable of producing a carbon footprint following this method.

GHG Protocol certification

The GHG Protocol is an international standard for accounting and reporting greenhouse gas emissions. It was developed by the World Resources Institute (WRI) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). GHG Protocol-certified solutions enable companies to produce a certified balance sheet by these standards. This type of calculator is particularly interesting for international companies.

However, it should be noted that the GHG Protocol has paused its certification service, which explains the limited number of certified service providers.

ISO 14064 certification

ISO 14064 is an international standard for quantifying and reporting greenhouse gas emissions. This standard provides a framework for carrying out company-wide carbon footprints. Using ISO 14064-certified solutions help companies to produce ISO 14064-certified carbon footprints.

PAS 2050 certification

The PAS 2050 standard was developed by the British Standards Institute. It specifies methods for assessing the carbon footprint of products and services, taking into account all stages of the life cycle, from the production of raw materials to end-of-life disposal. PAS 2050-certified solutions are capable of performing assessments in line with this standard and are recommended for use by companies operating in the UK market.

Opting for certified carbon footprinting calculators ensures the reliability of results, reinforces your company's credibility

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Why choose certified carbon footprint calculators?

Certified carbon footprint solutions offer several benefits to businesses. It ensures greater reliability and accuracy in calculating greenhouse gas emissions. It also makes it easier to comply with regulatory obligations in terms of environmental reporting, depending on the market concerned.

What’s more, choosing certified calculators can help strengthen a company’s credibility and reputation with stakeholders, by demonstrating a clear and serious commitment. In a world where sustainability is increasingly valued, this can provide a significant competitive advantage.

Producing a carbon footprint using certified calculators offer an assurance of quality, compliance and commitment to the environment, which can translate into significant added value for any company focused on sustainable development.

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